BenQ Screenbar Monitor Lights Review: Standard vs Plus vs a generic brand

Annie 🦄⚡️
6 min readJun 28, 2022

How does the standard BenQ Screenbar compare to its Plus version? And are they worth it over a generic brand?

BenQ standard screenbar vs screenbar Plus boxes

As more and more people spend an increasing amount of time in front of the screen, reducing eyestrain can have a huge impact on comfort and productivity levels. Having suitable lighting is one way to achieve this ⁠-your room might be bright but brightening the inevitable “shadowy areas” on your desk can make a big difference.

Cue, the screenbar. I’ve been using one for a while since my job went remote in 2020. What’s a screenbar? Essentially, it’s a desk lamp that clamps to your monitor, providing uniform lighting on your desk and reducing the glare you can get with traditional lamps.

Look at the difference a bit of extra light makes:

Comparison of desk setup with screenbar light off and on

When BenQ approached me to test out two of their popular screenbar models — the standard Screenbar and the Screenbar Plus, I jumped at the chance. The reason I even have a screenbar was because of these premium models.



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