Why I Turned Down a Six-Figure Salary in Big Tech to Stay at a Five-Person Startup

Two years out of coding bootcamp and I had an incredible offer from one of the world’s most highly-regarded tech companies… and I declined it.

Annie 🦄⚡️
15 min readDec 28, 2021


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On paper, it was the dream job. Hell, it would have been the most “adult” job I’d ever had in my life so far. Stocks, bonuses, incredible benefits, prestige and an incredible all-remote team. It would absolutely sky-rocket my career; the name on my resume would open doors, opportunities and a path to further success. I would never have to worry about how to pay my bills again.

It took me six interviews and a take-home project to get this offer. So why did I decline it?

To turn down a role like this was no small decision, especially considering the financial implications. Personal anecdotes from others helped me to make my decision and I wanted to share my story and process too.

How it started

Who am I?

Hi, I’m Annie. I’m an Australian multi-disciplinary designer who graduated from a Canadian front-end development bootcamp in July 2019. I was also an English instructor…



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