Two years out of coding bootcamp and I had an incredible offer from one of the world’s most highly-regarded tech companies… and I declined it.

On paper, it was the dream job. Hell, it would have been the most “adult” job I’d ever had in my life so far. Stocks, bonuses, incredible benefits, prestige and an incredible all-remote team. It would absolutely sky-rocket my career; the name on my resume would open doors, opportunities and…

Observing my CTO approach problems has been an immensely valuable experience

It’s been about three months since I began consistently pair programming. Although it didn’t start off smoothly, I can definitely say it’s been a valuable addition to my somewhat new developer journey.

Here’s how it started, the progress, and what I’ve learned along the way.

A bit of context: I…

I remember the exact moment I started falling in love with coding. And believe me, my former self would never would say that...

We so often define who we are early on in life. And in that process, it can be difficult to re-create yourself later on. Did you ever play that game where you had to think of adjectives starting with the same letter as your name to describe yourself? …

Annie 🦄⚡️

Designer // Developer | ENFP-T ♐ | 🌏 Traveller | Optimist 🥛 | Suffers from FOMO & analysis-paralysis

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