How to set yourself up for a sustainable career in engineering — lessons that have served me well so far

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On July 15th, 2020, I celebrated my one-year anniversary as an employed Frontend Developer. Reflecting on the long process of getting here, there were things I learned that I felt were important for me to remember. …

Observing my CTO approach problems has been an immensely valuable experience

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It’s been about three months since I began consistently pair programming. Although it didn’t start off smoothly, I can definitely say it’s been a valuable addition to my somewhat new developer journey.

Here’s how it started, the progress, and what I’ve learned along the way.

A bit of context: I…

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Originally published as a thread on Twitter, I wanted to compile this list of CSS and SVG resources all in one place for easy reference. I’ve updated some of the resources and as a bonus, also added additional information and useful tools that were not on the original thread.

Who Am I?

Personal musings on the Covid-19 lock-down, privilege, systemic racism and the work towards a better future.

I forget what week of lock-down it is now.

Week 11? 12?

It almost doesn’t matter does it? The weeks and days have all blended into one long Groundhog Day type story that has yet to end. I wonder how future historians will reflect back on these troubled times. …

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Very shortly after graduating from a 9 week Immersive coding bootcamp at HackerYou (now known as Juno College of Technology), I spent no small amount of effort setting up coffee chats, attending panels and networking events, asking lots of questions at interviews and talking with smart, passionate people about the…

I remember the exact moment I started falling in love with coding. And believe me, my former self would never would say that...

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We so often define who we are early on in life. And in that process, it can be difficult to re-create yourself later on. Did you ever play that game where you had to think of adjectives starting with the same letter as your name to describe yourself? …

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Designer // Developer | ENFP-T ♐ | 🌏 Traveller | Optimist 🥛 | Suffers from FOMO & analysis-paralysis

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